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Published: 27-May-12
Christian Dating During The Holidays
The holiday season is stressful as it is and if you are a Christian dating during the holidays it can be even more so. This article will give you some advice and suggestions to make things easier and less stressful. Obviously you should use this as guidance only and use this advice and these suggestions as you see fit. It can be comforting to know that others are having the same confusing and stressful situations and you can maybe even learn something new.

If you are a Christian dating during the holidays you may have questions regarding all stages of dating from the first date throughout the whole process, up to and including marriage, if your relationship goes that far. You want to make sure you hold to your Christian values and hopefully find someone who shares those values. If you do find someone with the same Christian values and ideals then your relationship will be easier than having to combine two different faiths in the same household.

If you can find someone to date from your own congregation at church. This will give you the type of person who does think like you do when it comes to their religion. They will have the same values and will have learned from the same teachings you have.

You can get advice and counsel from your pastor regarding appropriate relationship behavior and what you should and should not be doing in the relationship. There are clear cut guidelines for you both to follow but you must also use your own heads and do what you feel is right for any given situation. You have been taught right from wrong right from the start of your Christian education and now is the time to start putting it into practice.

Never be afraid to ask questions if you are confused about certain issues. More importantly always ask for advice from a trusted individual and try to learn something about their background and where they acquired their knowledge. Relationships are never black and white and some personal judgement has to come into play not matter what. Take what you have learned and the advice you have been given and come up with your own way of doing things.

Just because you have been brought up in a Christian environment does not mean that you cannot have a mind of your own as well. Just stay within the guidelines offered to you by your Christian faith and you should be just fine.

Some common misconceptions you may run into are relationship advice is not always taken directly from the Bible and that Christians of any age are not allowed to date. These are both mostly incorrect and as always you should keep your personal religious values in the forefront and adhere to them the best you can. Some advice you will hear is based on the written word and you can get peace of mind after talking to your pastor and learn to feel good about Christian dating during the holidays.

Republished with author's permission.