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Published: 13-Mar-12
Social Metrics Pro Uses Little Details that Matter Much
One of the main reasons why so many search engine optimizers are speaking favorably about Social Metrics Pro is that it addresses the most current way in which websites are optimized, i.e. through assessing the social networking performance of the websites. This tool, simply put, analyzes how a website is received on social platforms, such as likes on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, +1s on Google Plus and so on. It also checks the performance of content on syndicated websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg.

The principle is quite concise—if your website is performing well on these social networking places, then it means that it is more in demand. Google and Bing, to name just two search engines, have recently started using these social signals as a means to judge the relevance of online content.

In many little and big ways, Social Metrics Pro helps the webmaster to get a true picture of the relevance of the website. A lot has been said about the color coding method that Social Metrics Pro uses. Content is divided through a system of color codes, where green shows the more popular content and red shows the less popular one.

Apart from this, there are many other ways in which Social Metrics Pro proves to be a useful tool to the SEO expert. It is accessible through the dashboard on the WordPress admin page itself. It works for all WordPress blogs above version 3.2. There are simple options provided by which you can modify your experience with the assessment tool. For instance, you can choose to filter options according to categories and dates. You can choose to analyze data by using sorting and searching options that are provided with the plugin. You can also set a data refresh frequency that suits your needs, which means that you have the most current stats of your website’s online performance whenever you choose to analyze it.

Social Metrics Pro also allows transferability of its content to spreadsheets in .xls and .csv formats. You can analyze your data through Microsoft Excel or even when you are on the move through your handheld device. This helps you to constantly keep tinkering with the data on your website until all your reds turn into greens.

The best thing about Social Metrics Pro is that it tells you exactly which of your website content is performing well and which isn’t. This helps you to improve the social signals of your website, which helps it rank better.

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As a tool to measure your social signals, Social Metrics Pro performs its duty amazingly well and with a lot of ease.

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